Afternoon Signature Session

2:30-3:50 Signature Dialogue: Brewing up a Revolution

Rhonda Kallman with Moderator Michele Norris

When Rhonda Kallman co-founded The Boston Beer Company in the mid-1980s, crafting full-flavored beer was a dying art. With little experience but a tremendous gift for marketing, she transformed the company's first product, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, from a novelty beverage sold out of the back of her car into an international bestselling brand. Standing at the forefront of what has become a thriving US microbrewery industry, she also helped to open the door for women in a traditionally male-dominated world. During her candid and perceptive presentation, Kallman describes the ups and downs of her second entrepreneurial venture and the skills she has cultivated to start and grow a small independent company. NPR's Michele Norris then engages Kallman in a lively dialog about her personal and professional journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Rhonda Kallman Michele Norris
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