Morning Signature Session

9:35-10:55 Signature Dialogue: Game On

Jane McGonigal with Moderator Jill Avery

Surprisingly perhaps, half of the serious players of online games are women. To world-renowned gaming designer and futurist Jane McGonigal, the widespread popularity of alternate reality cyber games provides a powerful platform for real-world change. Her groundbreaking research has demonstrated that the billions of hours devoted to gaming worldwide are not wasted time but rather build a massive skillset combining intense focus, collaborative teamwork, strong social relationships, and innovative problem solving. A brilliant thinker and speaker, she expands upon her provocative theories during the first half of this stimulating presentation. Simmons School of Management faculty member Jill Avery then joins McGonigal to explore the many ways gamers' talents can be channeled to produce positive social change.

Jane McGonigal Jill Avery
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