Rhonda Kallman

Rhonda KallmanRhonda Kallman was only 24 when she helped to launch The Boston Beer Company, makers of the phenomenally successful Samuel Adams Boston Lager. As founding partner and executive vice president of sales and brand development, she was widely recognized for her inventive distribution and marketing strategies, as well as for opening the door for women in the beer business. In 2001 Kallman started another venture, New Century Brewing Co., to produce and market innovative American beer styles. As CEO of this pioneering company, she was selected by Inc. magazine as one of "25 Entrepreneurs We Love (and What Makes Them Great)." More recently, she received Draft Magazine's award for "Top 10 Innovators of the Beer Industry" and Beer Business Daily's coveted Maverick Award for industry leadership. Kallman also appears in the documentary Beer Wars, which chronicles the battle of small, independent brewers against industry behemoths.

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