What People Are Saying

See what attendees of the 2014 Simmons Leadership Conference had to say about their experience.

"The best time spent on me all year!"

"The theme was uplifting and inspiring, the speakers savvy and fascinating, the experience completely positive and very valuable."

"An event for women looking to change themselves and the world!"

"A long wonderful day of learning and inspiration."

"An important event to attend for all women."

"A shot in the arm - amazing!"

"A great investment in my career and my self."

"If there is one conference you plan to attend next year, this is the one."

"A 'have to have' on your professional bucket list!"

"SLC was the single best conference I've ever attended!"

"An uplifting and thought-provoking day of learning, flavored with possibility and potential."

"The conference promotes a rare feeling of support, camaraderie, and collaboration between women and sparks so much excitement that there are moments of electricity throughout the day."

"This is THE conference that celebrates and informs the leadership qualities of women: JUST GO!"


"Very inspiring conference that will fly by and make you wish you've been attending for the past several years!"

"Provides role models for women and guiding principles for success."

"An important investment in yourself."

"It is a truly amazing, transforming experience that will take you to new heights!"

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is a conference like no other."

"Reinvigorating = the best ten hours I have spent in a year!!!!!"

"A life changing experience."

"Not to be missed."

"Inspiring, Innovative and Incredible...Simmons is not your average women's conference!"

"High-level daylong conference packed with excellent speakers and content."

"The ultimate five star one-day women's leadership conference."

"It's a NOT to be missed event. It's THE most representative group of accomplished women coming together to share their compelling stories of leadership and personal development."

"A must for women in leadership roles."

"Each time I attend I come back with a take away I incorporate into my lifestyle."

"Inspiring, supportive, educational - you will leave wanting to make a difference in the world."

"The most inspiring and educational conference I have ever attended."

"If you want to be inspired, energized and motivated to be successful then this is the conference for you."

"The most impactful conference I have ever attended, with the highest quality speakers."

"This is a priceless and awe inspiring experience that all women should have the opportunity to attend."

"The Premier Conference of ALL!"

"Inspirational. Heart filled. Life changing."

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