Carmen Rita Wong

Journalist, Writer, and Commentator

Headshot photo of Carmen Rita Wong

A nationally known journalist, writer, and commentator, Carmen Rita Wong is the CEO and founder of the multimedia content company Malecon Productions. Among the few Latinas to host a daily national news program on American television, she is the former co-creator of CNBC’s On the Money. Wong has also been a frequent contributor on MSNBC, CBS This Morning, CNN, and ABC’s The View, among other on-air appearances. In addition to her broadcast career, she was a long-time editor at Money magazine, a national advice columnist for Glamour, Latina, Essence, and Good Housekeeping, and a faculty professor of behavioral economics at New York University. Wong is the author of two best-selling financial advice books, including The Real Cost of Living, as well as a series of novels. She currently serves on the boards of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dress for Success, and the Futuro Media Group, and is an angel investor in female-led and –owned businesses and productions.