Laverne Cox

Actor, Award-winning Producer, and Equal Rights Activist

Headshot photo of Laverne Cox

Actor, producer, and advocate Laverne Cox became the public face of the trans-rights movement when she landed on the cover of TIME magazine in 2014. Perhaps best known for her breakout performance in the critically acclaimed series Orange is the New Black, she is the first trans woman of color to not only play a leading role in a mainstream scripted television show, but also to produce and star in her own show, VH1’s TRANSForm. She has also appeared in popular TV series such as The Mindy Project, Doubt, and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, as well as starred in the recent remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and in the comedy Grandma. In another first, Cox was awarded an Emmy as executive producer of the documentary, Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, exploring the lives of seven transgender youth. She is also the executive producer of Free Cece, a documentary that confronts the culture of violence and injustice that surrounds trans women of color.