Diana Theodores, PhD

International Performance Coach, Author, and Director

Headshot photo of Diana Theodores, PhD

Diana Theodores is passionate about releasing the voices, vision, and values of every talented woman she coaches to create healthier organizations and more enlightened leadership in the world. As an international performance coach and director of Theatre 4 Business in London, she applies her years of experience in professional theatre directing and dance to the principles of great performance on the business stage. Her dynamic approach to coaching and facilitation invites people to connect with their creative fire and step into their bigger selves. With clients that span the globe, Theodores has consulted with companies in industries that range from banking to Formula 1 racing. She also works with many organizations on their women’s leadership initiatives, including Pernod Ricard, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Akzo Nobel, and the Cranfield School of Management. Theodores is the author of Performing As YOU: How To Have Authentic Impact in Every Role You Play.