Fatima Bhutto

Author, Journalist, and Activist

Headshot photo of Fatima Bhutto

Born into her country’s most prominent political family, Pakistani author and journalist Fatima Bhutto prefers to pursue her activism through writing rather than elected office. She has worked extensively with many charities and organizations to support women’s empowerment, support Karachi’s slum populations, and resist press restrictions, among other socio-political causes. Bhutto first emerged in the public eye at age 15 with publication of a collection of poems, Whispers of the Desert. She has followed up that early success with a series of highly acclaimed books, including 8.50am 8 October 2005, reportage after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake; a memoir entitled Songs of Blood and Sword; and three works of fiction, The Shadow of the Crescent Moon, Democracy, and the recently released The Runaways. Bhutto’s wide-ranging commentary also appears in many international publications, including The News, The Guardian, The Daily Beast, New Statesman, and The New York Times.