Jameela Jamil

Actor, Presenter, and Activist

Headshot photo of Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil, now starring in the critically acclaimed American television series The Good Place, is an actor, TV presenter, journalist, and activist. Recruited out of obscurity at age 22 to co-host the British morning show, Freshly Squeezed, Jamil went on to present for several other popular TV series, as well as for BBC Radio 1’s long-running Official Chart program. She also fronted ad campaigns for Maybelline, modeled for several American and British magazines, created her own clothing line, and wrote a column for a lifestyle magazine. But as someone who has dealt with issues related to body image and bullying throughout her life, she has always been a vocal critic of the impossible beauty standards set for women. Her move to Hollywood made her even more outspoken about this cause. Jamil now brings her message about body positivity to women around the world through her social media platform, I Weigh, where contributors can celebrate their accomplishments and self-worth rather than a number on a scale.