Margaret Heffernan, PhD

Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, and Author

Headshot photo of Margaret Heffernan, PhD

A groundbreaking business leader and author, Margaret Heffernan started out her extraordinary career as an award-winning producer at the BBC and then as CEO of Britain’s trade association for independent film and TV producers. From there, she moved to the US where she became a serial entrepreneur in the early days of internet businesses. Since returning to the UK, Heffernan has published five books, including Willful Blindness, cited by the Financial Times as one of the most important business books of the decade. Her latest work, Beyond Measure, draws on her years as a CEO to explain how small steps can lead to big changes in organizational culture. In addition to writing for the Huffington Post and other outlets, Heffernan currently co-leads the faculty of the Responsible Leadership Programme at the Forward Institute, mentoring senior executives of major organizations about issues related to growth, strategy, and sustainability.