Professional Leadership Coaching

Professional Leadership Coaching is available only to registered attendees of the Leadership Conference. Register now to take advantage of this incredible value-added offering.

April 1 and April 2, 2015
Registration Fee: $199

Begin to change your life! Give yourself the gift of a Leadership Coach to help take your leadership to the next level and continue your journey of excellence, impact, and self-development.

Professional Leadership Coaching is a tool to transform your leadership and the impact you have on your people and your organization. Leadership Coaching is an effective tool that has been used by thousands of leaders to confidentially discuss and work through their toughest professional challenges, inform their strategic thinking, and to increase their impact and effectiveness. Leadership Coaching provides leaders with a unique partnership often referred to as a confidential sounding board, thinking partner, and advisor that enhances leadership insight and produces superior individual and organizational results.

If you are a manager with at least 3 years of experience in a management role with more than two direct reports, or if you are a leader with large organizational responsibility and impact, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to work 1:1 with a highly experienced leadership coach provided by our coaching partner, Vision Quest Consulting.

The coaching experience is targeted for those who are at a point in their career where they would like to increase their effectiveness and impact in the following areas:

  • Increasing Leadership Presence, Impact, Power and Visibility
  • Managing Work-Life Balance and Self-Care
  • Developing Strategic Relationships
  • Increasing Leadership Communications
  • Career Advancement, Progression and Promotion

The coaching experience includes an hour of individual 1:1 coaching either in person or on the phone depending on your preference and availability. Coaching is offered during specified times during the pre-conference day and the day of the conference.

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Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and be the innovative leader your organization needs today!

For questions about this offering, Contact Wendy Capland at 978.692.4454 or

Leadership Coaches

Deb Bercume, MS, PCC

Deb brings over 25 years of experience working with leaders and teams to develop their leadership competencies and obtain results. She has a special knack for building relationships and is known for being results focused, straight forward, yet compassionate. Her goal is always to help clients move towards achieving personal and professional fulfillment. She earned her MS Degree in Training and Development from Lesley University, a BS in Business from MCLA, and a Certification in Professional Coaching through the Institute for Professional Excellence Coaching. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, and the American Society for Training and Development.

Sandye Brown, MCC

Sandye Brown is a highly sought-after personal transformation architect, executive coach, change consultant, and author who has spent over 25 years teaching leaders how to use the science and spirit of coaching to reinvent themselves and the organizations they lead. Sandye has served as an executive coach for many Fortune 500 corporate executives and leaders in the banking, education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, transportation and several non-profit organizations nationwide. Her focus is on developing leaders that exhibit the coaching minds and skills to lead with greater influence, impact and results. Her unique approach blends traditional and progressive techniques to address matters of leading with mindfulness, heart and soul that most coaching methodologies overlook.

Wendy Capland, MCC

Wendy Capland is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vision Quest Consulting. Wendy is an award winning business executive and one of the top women leaders in American in the field of leadership development. For over 20 years, Wendy and her team of 45 leadership development experts have worked with COEs, Eecutives, Senior Managers, and emerging leaders in Fortune 500 companies and in entrepreneurial firms to grow their leadership. Vision Quest Consulting's mission and Wendy's passion is in helping organizations and individuals accelerate their effectiveness, innovation, and growth through their personal growth and professional development.

Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen is a leadership and organizational coach and consultant with 20 years in the field coaching hundreds of individuals and groups. As a primary piece of her leadership work, she works as part of a consortium, where she teaches a unique model of leadership development and is pioneering work in moving organizations and individuals to a partnership model of living and leading. Jennifer's fresh approach is informed by communication theories ranging from quantum physics and philosophy to neuroscience and Somatics. Jen works with individuals, executives, teams and corporate systems that want to create a culture of community, trust, purpose, love, wisdom, joy, and commitment.

Sherry Dutra, PCC

Sherry Dutra, PCC, is a certified executive coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer. Her areas of expertise include leadership and management development, executive coaching, career management and transition, and individual and 360° assessment. Sherry has worked and consulted in the high-tech commercial and defense electronics, semiconductor, medical equipment, scientific instruments, financial services, insurance, retail, health care, career management, and biotechnology industries. She has over 20 years of experience in designing, leading, and deploying strategic leadership and management development programs and working with all levels of leaders to create solutions that enhance and accelerate leader capabilities.

Helen Kosinski, MBA, PCC

Helen has 30+ years of experience working with business professionals helping them to become more effective and efficient. Her work passion is in assisting directors, managers, supervisors and executives to increase their productivity and enhance their leadership capabilities. Since 2006, Helen has focused on coaching business professionals to expand and grow their businesses, and to become more successful as managers and leaders. Her clients describe her as incredibly perceptive, trustworthy, and someone "who can make you feel comfortable while taking you out of your comfort zone."

Steve Lishansky

Steve Lishansky is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Optimizer) of OPTIMIZE International, specializing in developing top leaders, senior executive teams, and high performing organizations noted for their focus, passion, alignment, impact and results. An inspiring speaker, executive coach, and executive team facilitator, Steve's effectiveness with leaders has led to high level engagements with organizations as diverse as Cisco, Fidelity Investments, Novartis, State Street, EMC, Johnson and Johnson, Booz Allen Hamilton, MetLife, NASA, Arby's, Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oakley, Canadian Tire, Parexel, Parelli, The Coast Guard Foundation, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Terrie Lupberger

An executive coach to leaders, managers and teams worldwide, Terrie's international experience, executive coaching skills and experience as a CEO and Senior Executive give her a unique vantage point when working with her clients. Through her coaching, facilitation and writing, Terrie elicits the greatest potentials from her clients. She helps them improve performance and get results without sacrificing well-being and helps them navigate the mine fields and blind spots inherent in playing a bigger game. In addition to her 20+ years in talent development and organizational change work, Terrie is a pioneer in the field of coaching. She helped develop the core coaching competencies being used today as the standard of coaching professionalism worldwide. She is a former Board Member of the International Coach Federation, mentors coaches pursuing mastery, and teaches executive coaching at the University of Miami as well as coaches leaders in the United States, Europe and Asia. She is a contributing author to several books on coaching including: A Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching.

Wynne Miller, MCC

Wynne Miller is a life-long coach, whose current work includes management and executive coaching, as well as facilitation of team and management retreats. A pioneer since her earliest days, Wynne's focus is on the cutting edge of leadership and career management issues. She's been called compassionate and tough minded by clients who welcome her candor, quick mind, incisiveness, humor, and "deceptively simple recipe of wit, wisdom, and love." Drawing on many years as an entrepreneur, educator, trainer, manager, and coach, Wynne uses a wide range of styles and a vast toolkit to produce results with her clients. Clients report clarity, confidence, insight, direction, courage, and an ability to change. Wynne has the gift of being present to her clients' needs and provides a safe climate to help them stretch just enough out of their comfort zones to obtain results they are hoping for.

Andrew Miser, PhD

Andrew L. Miser, PhD, is a professional certified coach, developmental psychologist, and educator with over 30 years of experience working with individuals, teams, organizations, and families. Dr. Miser launched his international coaching and consulting while he and his family were living in the Netherlands from 2002 to 2006. During that time, he was trained and certified as a professional co-active coach through the Coaches Training Institute. In his work with leaders and teams in governmental, corporate, and non-profit organizations, Dr. Miser has facilitated and conducted strategic planning initiatives and delivered training programs in team building, project development, and leadership development.

Martha Miser, PhD

Martha Miser is a coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience in leading organizational change and leadership development in the US and Europe. In addition to holding leadership positions in both public and private sector organizations, Martha has extensive experience as a practitioner in organization and leadership development, team coaching, and education design and delivery. Martha's brings her years of expertise and background as Global Head of Leadership and Change for ING to her current work assisting individuals, teams, and organizations to create meaningful and lasting change in the midst of increasing complexity and turbulence within and outside their organizations.

Sydney Parades

Sydney Paredes specializes in coaching leaders at VP levels and above, and emerging women leaders. She draws upon a unique blend of life experience, corporate leadership experience, higher education, and 10+ years of coaching experience to help her clients be more powerful, make a greater impact and prepare for their next big step. Sydney's 25+ years of experience working with diverse teams as executive leader, team member, educator, facilitator and coach. She has first-hand experience in leadership and organizational development, program management, marketing, sales, labor relations and customer service.

Claudette Rowley, MSW, PCC

As an executive coach, trainer and facilitator, Claudette has over 15 years of experience working with clients both in the US and internationally. Claudette has a specialty in providing coachers to managers and leaders as well as training and facilitating teams in corporations on communicating results and strategic organizational change. She is passionate and skilled at inspiring individual and organizational transformation that's sustainable. Claudette designs, customizes, and delivers coaching programs and interactive trainings that result in greater self-knowledge, enhanced leadership, and more effective strategic decision-making cross-functionality within organizations.