Pre-Conference Seminars: April 1, 2015

These special pre-conference seminars are available only to registered attendees of the Leadership Conference. Register now to take advantage of these value-added offerings.

Registration Fee: $99-$149 per session

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Breaking the Glass Border through Global Mindset: The next Leadership Challenge for Women - Limited enrollment
Lynda Moore

Research shows that successful global leaders are good at decoding what's going on around them in cross-cultural environments and choosing the right behavior under the right set of circumstances. The global mindset is particularly crucial for women to advance and break the "glass border". Developing Global Leadership capability ensures that your cross-cultural and global assignments are effective and are a key to business success in the globalized business market.

The Global Mindset Inventory is a scientifically valid web-based survey, which takes 10 minutes to complete. The GMI assessment tool provides insightful information and feedback on how you communicate, do business with and influence people who are unlike yourself, whether you are sitting in your office in the United States, working with supply chain partners in China and colleagues in India, or on any international assignment. Your personalized GMI results will address areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. You will leave with a personal development plan to achieve higher levels of competency in this key 21st century leadership skill.

Registration for this seminar must be completed by March 13, 2015. No additional registrations will be accepted after March 13, 2015.

A link to the Global Mindset Inventory will be emailed to registrants on February 20, 2015, or upon registration thereafter. The GMI takes 10 minutes to complete and must be completed by March 17, 2015. Personalized results will be distributed to attendees upon check in at the session on April 1, 2015.

10:00 - 11:45 AM
Leadership - Create Your Powerful Future
Wendy Capland, MCC

Within each of us we have the need and desire to contribute and feel valued. Yet many of us don't have the confidence to pursue our ambitions and compete or aren't certain of what we really want. If you've ever wondered, "How do I get recognized more for my hard work? Why don't I feel my ideas are received with as much impact as I would like? What would be the first step to develop a new leadership possibility for myself?: then this workshop is for you.

This hands-on, highly interactive workshop will not only have you thinking about a possible future you do not currently have but want, but will radically transform what you thought possible for yourself. This workshop will give you the confidence and tools to apply and get started immediately. This is your opportunity to create radical shifts in your effectiveness, impact, and satisfaction.

You will learn to:

  • Increase your self confidence, power, and influence as you re-shape belief patterns that hold you back
  • Design a new more powerful and satisfying direction for yourself and your leadership
  • Apply what you learn immediately to help you feel more ambitious and reach your goals
  • Gain new insights that will enable you to grow yourself and your leadership strengths
1:00 - 2:45 PM
Leading Teams That Deliver Results
Mary Shapiro

When given a team assignment most people want to jump right into the task:  What do we have to produce? Who will do what?  What's the timeline? But hold on!  The success of a team is significantly determined in its very early stages, specifically what you do before the team is even set up, and then what you do in the earliest meetings.  The more work you do upfront in establishing the team's "infrastructure" (its goals, operating procedures, and roles), the smoother your task production will be.  Unfortunately, with all the time pressures and work we face, it's no surprise that our impulse is to "get down to work."  But by rushing into the task, we are actually dooming the work to take longer, as we run into unforeseen problems and deal with conflicts between members.

This session will share strategies based on Shapiro's 25 years of working with teams, most recently captured in Harvard Business School Press's "Guide to Leading Teams" (2014).  We will identify conversations to build your team's infrastructure, and then strategies for holding individuals accountable to doing good work and maintaining solid relationships.

3:00 - 4:45 PM
Getting to Better Ideas: Creativity and Innovation in Practice
Teresa Nelson, PhD

Companies want innovation - new ideas and new processes that either streamline existing ways of doing things or create brand-new practices, products, and processes that innovate and differentiate. And this demand isn't just for high tech, first in world innovators in R&D, but for everyone charged with making business work better, faster and cheaper.

Yet the reality is that our 'business as usual' tends to lead to 'same old, same old'. How do we jump out of the box? How does a manager bring new ways of doing things into the day to day?

In this seminar we will examine a tool-box that is immediately appropriable to encourage yourself and those you work with to develop and evaluate new ideas creatively. We will look at two powerful models of innovation, five practices of creativity, and three common pitfalls that keep us from our best ideas.

You'll leave the session with a framework for creativity and innovation that you can take to work immediately! Better ideas = better work.