What People Are Saying

See what attendees of the 2012 Simmons Leadership Conference had to say about their experience.

"Empowering agenda that will energize and challenge you to improve your leadership skills in both your personal and work life."

"A mountaintop experience!"

"The conference leaves you with a feeling of empowerment, understanding, and a sense of responsibility to change the world for the better."

"An investment in yourself – truly inspiring."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is truly the most empowering and enlightening experience presented by women for women!"

"A valuable investment in one’s self and career."

"A day to find inner value you did not know you had."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference provides inspirational, thought-provoking, candid, and engaging messages that are relevant for women who don’t want to sit still in their personal or professional lives."

"Absolutely inspiring and engaging – worth it to attend again and again!"

"Empowering in a real, actionable way."

"Amazing, inspiring, motivational and an event that all women professionals should have the opportunity to attend."

"Good opportunity to network and be a learning colleague with higher level women – Directors, VP’s and above."

"A conference that helps you ‘get out of your own way’ and have the career/life that you want by giving you motivation, inspiration and the tools to empower yourself."

"The Conference reaches out and connects to all of your senses in ways you are not expecting it to."

"Every speaker has a story to tell which inspires, motivates, encourages, and challenges me every time."

"You will walk away with key lifetime takeaways and be inspired."

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