Margaret Heffernan

Chief Executive, Entrepreneur, Author

Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, renowned author, and mentor to senior managers and CEOs. After a successful turn as a BBC documentary producer, she moved to the US where she developed interactive multimedia products with Peter Lynch, Tom Peters, Standard & Poor's, and The Learning Company. She then joined CMGI where she led, bought, and sold leading Internet businesses, also serving as CEO of InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation, and iCAST Corporation. Heffernan synthesizes some of the lessons from her broad management experience in several award-winning books, including Willful Blindness, A Bigger Prize, and most recently Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes. A popular TED Talks presenter, Heffernan blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and She also serves as a trustee of the London Library and sits on the Council of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, as well as on the boards of several private companies.