What People Are Saying

What attendees of the Simmons Leadership Conference have to say about their experience:

  • “The conference is empowering and powerful for women, and enlightening for all men.”
  • “Extremely empowering conference and networking opportunity that inspires and motivates me to become the best person, employee, partner, and friend possible.”
  • “This is a great conference that energizes you and gives you the resources to become better both at work and in life.”
  • “Best conference that I attend all year.”
  • “One of the best networking and motivating conferences for women, consistently worthwhile year after year.”
  • “Empowering, educational, fun and worth the time and investment.”
  • “My favorite day of the year, every year.”

“It is actually impossible to put into words the feeling you have during/after this conference — life changing.”

  • “An inspiring show of what female leaders are capable of; you will walk away with your head held high.”
  • “It was like pouring gasoline on a fire underneath thousands of already motivated leaders.”
  • “The Simmons Conference energizes you to reflect on your career, status in your workplace, and sense of self to take real action towards positive change.”
  • “This conference is life changing – An important step to creating a better you, on both a professional and personal level.”
  • “Concrete strategies, great food for thought, and inspiration, all rolled into one–and useful for both work and personal life.”

“This conference is a game changer for any woman who is looking for not only great inspiration but also a multitude of very specific ways to take charge of your own success and happiness.”

  • “A unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else – its your day to invest in yourself, nourish your mind and your soul and learn from the very best.”
  • “Make the investment in yourself to attend this fantastic conference.”
  • “The conference allowed me to participate within the world’s largest mentorship meeting as it provided an unexpected, intimate forum where top female leaders share their experiences, both personal and professional, with multiple teachings that related to my experiences.”
  • “This conference is inspirational and empowering for any woman at any level of her career.”
  • “100% worth the time, some of the best speakers I have ever seen. you are a fool to pass up the opportunity to go!”
  • “The best leadership conference for women – hands down!”
  • “The must-attend career building event of the year.”
  • “A great opportunity to hear from strong, successful women about their journeys and how we as women (and our allies) can continue to support the professional and personal growth of women in the workplace.”

“The most inspirational day with actionable takeaways… a tremendous value!”

  • “The best women’s leadership conference in the world, truly inspiring.”
  • “This is the most empowering, impressive, and inspirational conference of the year!”
  • “The most invigorating experience in my professional career!”
  • “I get more out of this one day conference than I do from any other event I attend throughout the year.”
  • “The Simmons Leadership Conference was an incredible opportunity to hear from some of the greatest minds in business, technology, and the arts while convening with women from every field imaginable.”
  • “I can sum up the whole experience with a few words: inspirational, motivational, energizing, exciting, thought-provoking, and transformational.”
  • “The wake up call you didn’t know that you needed.”
  • “The conference exceeded my expectations and excelled in every way.”
  • “This conference will change your business mindset & inspire you to take your career to the next level!”
  • “It was powerful, it was fantastic, it was motivating. I will be a stronger, more effective coworker and manager for attending.”