Serena Williams

Tennis Champion, Activist, & Entrepreneur

Headshot photo of Serena Williams

Widely regarded as one of the top athletes of all time, tennis powerhouse Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, twice held four Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously (a feat now known as the Serena Slam), and ranked as the number-one female player in the world for 319 consecutive weeks. But her achievements are hardly limited to the tennis court. An activist-entrepreneur, Williams has used her celebrity stature and business acumen to fight fiercely for gender equity, particularly for women of color. She has turned her love of fashion into a successful direct-to-consumer clothing line with a mission to empower women in their daily lives. She also runs a venture capital fund that invests in companies embracing diverse leadership and individual empowerment. Williams has a long history of giving back, particular to causes related to education for underserved groups and support for victims and their families whose lives have been touched by senseless violence.