Stacy Blake-Beard, PhD

Professor of Management and Center for Gender in Organizations, Senior Affiliate, Simmons University

Headshot photo of Stacy Blake-Beard, PhD

Stacy Blake-Beard is Professor of Women and Leadership at Simmons University’s School of Business, where she teaches organizational behavior. She is also a member of the Simmons Institute for Inclusive Leadership and a faculty affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations. Blake-Beard has concentrated much of her research and practice on the processes of mentoring and unconscious bias. Her work analyzing the impact of diversity and inclusion in organizations can be seen in her video Mentoring: Creating Mutually Empowering Relationships and her TEDxUrsulineCollege talk The Power of Mentoring as a Transformational Process. Blake-Beard is co-editor of the Handbook of Research on Promoting Women’s Careers and Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Changing People, Processes and Paradigms.