Jade Simmons: Don’t Wait Around To Be Discovered

February 27th, 2017

Jade Simmons: Don’t Wait Around To Be Discovered

We can't wait for Jade Simmons to speak at the 2017 Simmons Leadership Conference!

Called a “musical force of nature,” world-renowned pianist Jade Simmons is among most versatile concert artists performing today.

How does a sense of purpose inform and influence your work? 

I’ve come to understand purpose as follows: It’s not the thing that you do, it’s the thing that happens in others when you do what you do. That renewed understanding is now the driving force behind my decisions about what to pursue, what to say yes to and it serves as the green light that tells me when to say yes to a stretch that just might unleash yet another reinvention.

What would you say is the most daring move you’ve made in your career?

The most daring move I’ve made in my career is to make daring moves a mode of operation! The first bold move was in my early career as a concert pianist. I started talking to my audiences instead of just playing for them and I dared to create concert experiences instead of predictable recitals. Those two decisions changed the entire trajectory of my career and exponentially increased my impact beyond the stage.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve gotten along the way?

It’s actually the career advice I give to emerging artists and I continue to follow it myself. “Don’t wait around to be discovered. Discover yourself instead.”

What major issue do you think women should focus on to effect change?

Wealth amplification. Women will need to emerge as owners more than consumers in the marketplace. They’ll be in a position to hire more women. They’ll have the type of money that can support and sustain causes, companies, candidates, and communities they care about.

Fill in the blank. People would be surprised to know that _______

I secretly want to star in a superhero movie or a spy thriller!

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