Jameela Jamil answers YOUR questions

December 20th, 2019

Jameela Jamil answers YOUR questions

Although Jameela Jamil’s keynote presentation at the International Simmons Leadership Conference was cut short by a power outage, the actor, presenter and activist did not want to let you down! Jameela is one of the stars of the television series The Good Place, and as someone who has dealt with issues related to body image and bullying throughout her life, she has always been a vocal critic of the impossible beauty standards set for women.

Below, she answers some of the questions YOU asked her via the conference’s mobile app Live Q&A feature.

Q: What is your easiest advice to boost your confidence on a challenging day?

A: I genuinely make an I Weigh page. That’s how the movement started. I wrote down a list of who and what I am, and where my self-worth lies. It’s amazing how quickly it reminds you that you are more than you ever considered yourself to be. Something about writing it down helps your brain ingest it all, in a way that is more effective passing thought. Also, looking down and seeing it all together in writing is an easier way to see the full picture of who you are.

Q: What have you learned about being a leader that you can share with us?

A: That true leadership involves a lot of listening. To know who you are leading, where they want to go, and whether or not they are ready is the most secure way to achieve the desired outcome of the journey.

Q: How do you think about designing success for yourself?

A: I don’t really. I listen to my instincts and I go after what I want fearlessly. I find there to be great honour in trying and risking failure. Especially when you’re not sure what the outcome will be. I think it shows tremendous humility and courage. My success is a product of my willingness to back myself, to back other women that I trust, and to make business as creative and fulfilling as possible. Change is hard but it is also incredibly stimulating and gratifying.

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