Meet Adriana Morvaiova!

July 31st, 2019

Meet Adriana Morvaiova!

In June, we ran a social media contest for one free ticket to our #SLCDublin 2019 conference – and the lucky winner is Adriana Morvaiova, of Sensata Technologies!

What would you say is the most daring move you’ve made in your career?

I am originally from Slovakia with Hungarian roots. I am a qualified chef. 14 years ago my mother and I bought a one-way ticket to Northern Ireland, and packed one suitcase each. We landed in the country on 9 February 2005 with no English, no jobs, and no plans. All we had was dreams and faith that we will make it. That is when I started working for Sensata. I have been working for this company 13 years and I am on my fifth promotion. My current role is in Team Development and Chair of ACE Network (Appreciating Cultural Exchange).

How has the Simmons Leadership Conference inspired you to make changes in your personal or professional life?

After attending the Simmons Leadership Conference in 2017, I felt really empowered and inspired to take action myself. I met lots of amazing women who beat the odds and were amazing role models with their stories. My highlight was meeting Julia Gillard and Mary Robinson. A few months after the conference, I launched a network to support employees from under represented countries and minorities. The network is called ACE, and its mission is to encourage employees to appreciate the richness of cultures, build friendships with other employees, and strengthen the sense of belonging within our organisation through development, discussions, volunteering, and social activities. This year, ACE Network was awarded the Best Race Initiative 2019 at the Northern Ireland Equality & Diversity Awards.

If you could change one way in which women support other women, what would that be?

I would tune out all media that glorifies mean women, I would reach into the shadows to give voice to the silent, and encourage face-to-face open and honest conversations between women.

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