Nora Poggi on Women She Admires

February 21st, 2017

Nora Poggi on Women She Admires

Nora Poggi is speaking at the 2017 Simmons Leadership Conference!

French journalist Nora Poggi is co-producer and co-director of a new feature-length documentary, She Started It, focusing on five women entrepreneurs determined to stop at nothing to pursue their dreams.

Which female leader do you most admire? In what way has she driven change?

Kimberly Bryant, CEO and Founder of Black Girls Code, whom I met while making our documentary, She Started It. She is driven and genuine. She has created a vision for inclusion and executed it beautifully, partnering with Google, and recently the movie Hidden Figures. She is a true role model. 

What would you say is the most daring move you’ve made in your career?

Launching my documentary on women tech entrepreneurs, “She Started It,” with my co-founder Insiyah Saeed. We were reporters with a background in film production, but it was our first movie, and it’s been an incredible 3.5 year journey. It’s been well worth it, but definitely a challenge! 

What did you learn from that experience?

Never take no for an answer! 

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve gotten along the way?

Build your network, which means essentially: Keep in touch with people, go out of your way to meet new, interesting people, respect everyone’s time, say thank you, give back to the community and be of help yourself anytime you can.

If you could change one way women support other women on their path to success, what would it be?

Investing. I think it’s crucial that women start investing in each other more. There are now a lot of organizations that allow you to start with small-group investments, like Portfolia, Female Funders, Pipeline Fellows, etc.

Fill in the blank. People would be surprised to know that I _______

am French. I worked really hard on my accent!

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