Noreena Hertz and Generation “K”

February 5th, 2020

Noreena Hertz and Generation “K”

Noreena Hertz is an economist and a renowned thought leader with an impressive track record for predicting global trends. Her best-selling books correctly anticipated the surge of anti-corporate opinion in the early 2000s and warned of the looming credit crisis. Her latest work, Eyes Wide Open, lays out her vision for making smart decisions in today’s complex world. For more than 20 years, Noreena has advised some the world’s leading business and political figures on strategy, economic and geo-political risk, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.

From the questions YOU asked Noreena via the conference’s mobile app Live Q&A feature, we know many of you want to know more about Generation K. Below are some articles she wrote on the topic.

Generation K: what it means to be a teen” : “Like Katniss Everdeen, Generation K also has a strong sense of what is right and fair. Time and time again the girls told me how disturbed they were by gender pay gaps, sexist comments, the attitude that “women cannot be engineers”. They shared their frustration that “men are able to do anything but women still can’t”, along with concerns about economic, racial and social inequality. Equality for this generation is not about conformity… Indeed, I was fascinated by the extent to which Generation K celebrates difference. When I asked the girls to describe themselves in one word, “unique” was the one they most commonly chose…In a world of Toiletgate and terrorism trauma, I find this revelation not only inspiring but also very hopeful.”

Think millennials have it tough? For ‘Generation K’, life is even harsher“: “Selfie-taking yet unselfish, connected yet lonely, anxious yet pragmatic, risk-averse yet entrepreneurial, Generation K is a distinct cadre, a generation very different from those that preceded them. They know this already, and they’ve got the cotton candy frappuccinos to prove it.”

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